Zero Cases of Ebola: An End to the Outbreak

On January 14, 2016, the World Health Organization reported that West Africa was free of the Ebola virus, bringing an end to the outbreak that began in 2013. A day later, a flare-up of the disease was reported in Sierra Leone.

Notes From the Field

Visiting Guinea

In a recent visit to Guinea, Brennan Banks saw first-hand some of the ongoing activities the Paul G. Allen Ebola Program is supporting to end the outbreak and overcome its effects.

Paul G. Allen Ebola Program Awards $11 Million in New Grants

Public-Private Partnerships Key to Smart Health Solutions

Safer, Faster, Bigger, Better: Next-Gen Medevac Will Save Lives

To help healthcare workers, Paul G. Allen funded the development and manufacture of two medevac biocontainment units for the U.S. State Department to greatly increase medevac capacity and support healthcare workers.

Ebola News
About Tackle Ebola

Tackle Ebola is a coalition formed by philanthropist and entrepreneur, Paul G. Allen to mobilize public, corporate, humanitarian and political support for getting to zero cases of Ebola in West Africa. The coalition is comprised of celebrities, sports stars, health and advocacy organizations, governments and corporations. Together, we can #TackleEbola.


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Our Supporters and Partners

Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and coach Pete Carroll were early supporters of #TackleEbola. The team and its fans -- the 12s -- have contributed their voices to our efforts.

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This global campaign places Ebola survivor stories at the center of efforts to inform, protect, and spread hope, particularly in the areas in Africa affected by Ebola.

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CDC Foundation

The CDC Foundation supports the CDC’s Ebola response in West Africa and we helped enable the construction of emergency operation centers in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

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