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Abdul Richard Kamara

I Survived Ebola profiles a driver one of the Ebola response ambulances from Sierra Leone who became infected.

The Tackle Ebola initiative through Paul G. Allen’s $100 million commitment has supported nearly 20 programs and more than a dozen partner organizations. #ISurvivedEbola is using stories of Ebola survivors to educate and support those most affected by it: 

According to Abibatu Sesay, wife of ambulance driver Abdul Richard Kamara, frontline Ebola responders witness the “power of the disease” first hand. A mechanic driver for nearly six years, Abdul Richard Kamara immediately stepped up to drive one of the Ebola response ambulances when the virus began ripping through their hometown of Magburaka, Sierra Leone.

Sadly, Abibatu’s greatest fear materialized on September 29, 2014, when Abdul tested positive for Ebola. Luckily, Abdul ensured the safety of his family by self-isolating as soon as he noticed his symptoms, and by quickly seeking specialized treatment at the Hastings Ebola Treatment Center. Due to a combination of early treatment, faith, and determination, Abdul successfully fought off the virus within two weeks, and no one in his immediate family was infected by him. Sadly, Abdul’s brother, a fellow ambulance driver, was not so fortunate, and later succumbed to the disease. Despite this tragic loss and his own battle with the virus, Abdul returned to work one week after his recovery.

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