Tackle Ebola Hero

Marie Claire Tchecola

This nurse is using her voice to combat Ebola doubt, denial, and misinformation

The Tackle Ebola initiative through Paul G. Allen’s $100 million commitment has supported nearly 20 programs and more than a dozen partner organizations. #ISurvivedEbola is using stories of Ebola survivors to educate and support those most affected by it: 

In late July 2014, Marie Claire Tchecola, a nurse in the Emergency Unit of Donka Hospital, treated a severely ill patient who, unbeknownst to her, was infected with Ebola. Ten days later, Marie Claire began experiencing the infamous symptoms herself.

True Believer: How Survivor Marie Claire is Combating Ebola Doubt, Denial, and Misinformation from #ISurvivedEbola on Vimeo.

When her case was confirmed, the fear that “Ebola means death” initially overshadowed any hope she had for survival. But when Marie Claire saw others recovering from the virus in the treatment unit where she was admitted, her fears dissipated, and she began to think that she, too, might make it. Since recovering from the virus, she has emerged as a leading advocate for early treatment and a strong voice against Ebola denial.

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